Top quality painted parts

During production, the parts are checked at several levels,
and we are thus capable of ensuring real quality.

Výroba na míru

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Nabízíme spoustu nejrůznějších materiálů, provedení i stylů.

Quick order processing

We know how important time is and for this reason we place great emphasis on quick
clearance of orders. 

Modern technologies

We continuously invest in the modernization of technologies, development of painting
and the education and training of employees who thus contribute to the high quality finish.

Painting of furniture parts

We paint or make complete deliveries of luxury painted furniture parts from wood, veneer, and mainly MDF. This mainly concerns furniture parts, such as kitchen doors, door panels and others.

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Production of furniture parts

We provide services to furniture companies, carpenter shops and small-scale entrepreneurs engaged mainly in assembly. You order and we manufacture with standard precision and care. 

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Our clients include

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